This was probably one of the first larger projects we had done early in our career, even before TFH existed, and honestly we did not expect for it to turn out the way it did. After the shooting was finished, there were months and months of complications with getting the final mix track from the studio. One year later, we finally released Meesh Nova's debut music video, " Ghetto". 



Director/Producer: Dennis Mulyar

Cinematographer: Avel Chuklanov, Dennis Mulyar


Gaffer: Andrey Lytvyn, Eugene Zakharov

Editor: Dennis Mulyar, Meesh Nova

Colorist: Andrii Taran


Hair/Make-up: Emma Zalozh, Alvina Chechelnitskiy

Set-Design: Alvina Chechelnitskiy

Wardrobe: Alvina Chechelnitskiy, Meesh Nova 

BTS Photo: Victoria Mulyar